The Mercury 3.1 with the Sports Betting Demo has arrived


An updated Mercury theme with new features and a new demonstration of the sports betting affiliate website has been launched. Now for your choice of 4 different demonstrations for affiliate marketing and your earnings. The new demo is available here.

The Aces plugin has been refined and improved. Now you can change the slugs for sections and custom taxonomies in the plugin settings. It is also possible to change the names of sections and headings of the ratings. The ability for casinos to add software, deposit methods, withdrawal methods, and withdrawal limits. Also multiple choices of casinos for games and bonuses.

The demonstration of the sports betting affiliate website shows the ability to change the slugs and the names of the section and the custom taxonomies for bookmakers.

Added new casino (bookmaker) page style and other changes.

New demo of the Sports betting affiliate WordPress theme:

Sports Betting Affiliate WordPress Theme

View Demo

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5 Replies to “The Mercury 3.1 with the Sports Betting Demo has arrived”

  • mo says:

    Hi, i installed this yesterday or the day before, and its lightning fast to use. I got most of the site done in an hour! Then finished the following day. I used the bonus style layout see: but the only think i cant do at present, a bit silly, is add advertisements/banners in the side bar. I’m sure I’ll figure this out! Thanks for improving the theme 5*. I got 4 pages at the top of Google with Mercury 2! (recommended theme!!!)
    I love the ease of use and light weight code. It’s easier than before!

  • Greggabusa says:


  • Jo says:

    Super fast, great lay out and impressive SEO! Installed it at and works perfect.