Mercury – Recommended by Digital Consult As


When we started developing our casino affiliate sites, we used a team of developers to make a custom site. This was difficult to use, update and maintain. We spent 100s of hours and an unnecessary amount of money. We still couldn’t get the functionality or site speed to where we wanted it. This would require an even bigger investment on our part.

Then we discovered the Mercury theme from Then suddenly everything changed for us. The theme had a wide range of functionality and increased our page speed dramatically.

With a theme this easy to use, with this many great features, we could start developing new sites a lot faster and much more cost-effective, costing us only $79,- pr theme.

Now we have three sites with this theme:

With the flexibility of the theme, we could create a different look, style and feel for each site. Changing to Norwegian language was easy, and didn’t create any problems.

First time I contacted support with some questions, I got an immediate reply, and in no-time got the help I needed.

I can personally recommend anyone looking to create a casino affiliate site to use Mercury.

Best regards
Thomas Smith
Partner and head of development
Digital Consult AS

Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash

February 20, 2020