How to duplicate a page in WordPress


I will show you an example of how to duplicate a page in WordPress using a plugin. You must download and install the Yoast Duplicate Post plugin to complete this task.

1) After this, please go to the plugin settings (Settings – Duplicate Post – Permissions) and check if the “Enable for these post types” option is enabled for the pages.

2) Also, on the “What to copy” tab, you can select which page elements should be copied.

3) After the necessary settings, please go to the “Pages” section and to create a duplicate of the desired page, click “Clone” under its name.

After this, you will receive a complete copy of the desired page. You can edit it or publish it immediately.

You can create duplicate posts and other custom post types using the same plugin. Specifying the necessary settings for this on the “Permissions” tab is essential.

January 13, 2024

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