November 26, 2020
Mercury’s 2020 Black Friday Sale is live! 50% OFF. Limited time only. 72 hours. Buy Mercury Here Read more
July 2, 2020
The new Mercury WordPress theme update has released. A lot of changes have added to the design and features, a list of which you can see below. Added: Compatible with WordPress 5.4Added: Two ... Read more
February 20, 2020
When we started developing our casino affiliate sites, we used a team of developers to make a custom site. This was difficult to use, update and maintain. We spent 100s of hours and ... Read more
December 24, 2019
An updated Mercury theme with new features has released. In the Mercury added eight new shortcodes for casinos, games, and bonuses. Shortcodes documentation is available here. Three new custom taxonomies have also added ... Read more
November 30, 2019
An updated Mercury theme with new features has been released. This update should have been big. We planned to add support for Gutenberg and shortcodes. But in the existing structure of the design ... Read more
November 26, 2019
Mercury’s 2019 Cyber Monday Sale is live! 50% OFF. Sale ends at 8pm December 3, 2019 (AEDT). Buy Mercury WordPress Theme. Read more
July 20, 2019
An updated Mercury theme with new features and a new demonstration of the sports betting affiliate website has been launched. Now for your choice of 4 different demonstrations for affiliate marketing and your ... Read more
June 23, 2019
In this tutorial, you will learn how to change a custom taxonomy slug in WordPress easily and quickly without using plugins. Of course, you can make changes to the code of the registration ... Read more
June 16, 2019
Cloaking affiliate links in WordPress protects from being indexed by search engines and makes URL short and understandable. It also helps to centrally edit and replace affiliate links without changing the URL that ... Read more
June 6, 2019
You can add cookie consent in WordPress website with or without a plugin. In this guide, I will explain how this can be done easily and quickly without a plugin. Almost every one ... Read more